Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs – How To Be A Location

About the Lost Dragon Eggs

Embark on a mystical journey to restore the enchantment of Wyverndale!
Will you bring back the Dragons and mend the shattered portal to the Nest of the Celestial Wyrm? Join the hunt and decide the fate of this enchanted village!

The hunt runs from March 3rd to April 2nd, but the Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs items are ready for sale now! If you own a parcel, a sim, a store, or a club and are willing to allow public access, all you need to do is make your way to the MadPea Main Store or visit MadPea on the Marketplace.

Purchase your Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs items, either individually or by the bundle, hide them, and watch as hunters come running! 

MadPea Unlimited Members get a 25% discount on all MadPea Mainstore items* INCLUDING the Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs items

*discount does not apply to gift cards or game HUD

Why be in the hunt?

In case you’re wondering why you should get involved as a Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs Hunt location, with over 40,000 peas hunting you can imagine the number of visitors to your parcel, sim, store, or club. Picture the increase in traffic to your location and, since peas love to shop, calculate the potential increase in sales.

Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs Hunt Items can be bought and placed out however they will not activate until the hunt starts. Remember that you can buy and hide Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs Hunt items during the duration of the hunt.


Lore of the Lost Dragon Eggs items will be sold individually as follows:

“Winterstar & Dreamweaver Eggs” last 24 hours once rezzed and cost L$500 (worth 10 points to hunters)

“Bloodfire & Forestflame Eggs” last 48 hours once rezzed and cost L$1000 (worth 20 points to hunters)

“Nightshade Eggs” last 72 hours once rezzed and cost L$1500 (worth 35 points to hunters)

“Sunfire Eggs” last 120 hours once rezzed and cost L$2500 (worth 50 points to hunters)

“Hatchlings Clutch” contains Three 24-hour eggs plus Two 48-hour eggs and costs L$3000 (you save 10%)

“Wyvern’s Nest” contains Four 24-hour eggs, plus Four 48-hour eggs, and costs L$5000 (you save 20%)

“Drake’s Trove” contains Five 24-hour eggs, Five 48-hour eggs, and Two 72-hour eggs and costs L$10,000 (you save 30%)

“Wyrm’s Vault” contains Eight 24-hour eggs, Six 48-hour eggs, Five 72-hour eggs, Two 120-hour eggs and costs L$15,000 (you save 40%)

“Elder Dragon’s Legacy” contains Nine 24-hour eggs, Nine 48-hour eggs, Six 72-hour eggs, Three 120-hour eggs and costs L$20000 (you save 50%)


Step 1: After unpacking, rez the item called “Landing Point” where you would like hunters to land. This will allow your land to be registered with the hunt as a location.

Step 2: Rez your eggs on your land. Please make sure you hide them where hunters can access them. If they are on a different platform, please make sure there is a public teleporter available.

Step 3: Get ready for hunters! 😀 Remember that the hunt begins March 3rd and that April 2nd is the last day of the hunt.

NOTE: Hunters will be able to find your eggs once every 24 hours for the eggs that last longer than a day.


• Do not hide the objects inside cupboards or other closed items that can’t be opened by anyone! They need to be visible (when activated) and available for hunters to get close to them. While we want the hunters to search, we don’t want them frustrated.

• Please ensure the parcel where you hide your hunt object is set to public access or people will not be able to enter to find the hidden hunt objects.

• It is against the rules to make the hunters pay to enter a parcel or join a group to enter. If a location like that is reported to us, we will deactivate any hunt objects on that parcel.

• Make sure your parcel has scripts enabled FOR EVERYONE or otherwise the hunt objects and HUD will not work correctly for the hunters. Please, remember that scripts being enabled for group members (and therefore working for you) does not mean our hunters will be able to use their HUDs correctly!

• Please note that the hunt objects & packages are no copy, so be careful when rezzing. It’s often tricky on mesh surfaces and it’s good to rez a regular prim first to rez your hunt objects on. If you lose your objects due to ‘Unable to rez,’ it usually comes back to your inventory after a relog.

• Once the hunt has started, pay attention to the duration time of the hunt objects, as they will vanish after their time is up. You can check how much time is left by clicking the object; the time left will be in the menu dialog. (This information will not look correct before the hunt starts.) Your hunt object will also send you a message when it expires. This also means if you rez a hunt object and then pick it back up into your inventory, the timer has started and will continue to count down, as well as show as a registered item on your sim/parcel. Do not rez a hunt object unless you are certain you will keep it out!