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SEASON 2 2024


Logo MadPea Unlimited - Green

What is Unlimited?

MadPea Unlimited is MadPea’s subscription premium group. You can sign up at the display in our in-game store.

L$6,000 / 3 Months

*early sign up for returning members discounted to L$5000

Each Unlimited Season Includes

12 New Product Releases

3 Exclusive Group Gifts

FREE Access to a
Seasonal Hunt

FREE & Early Access to an Experience/Game

Also Included

25% Discount on Mainstore Items (Including Hunt Objects)*
FREE Surprise Releases
Monthly Giveaways
& Collectible Souvenir
Free Surprise Releases

*25% off not valid for gift cards or items bought with store credit

Season 2

This membership is active from April 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024.

Current Season

Journey into futuristic worlds, explore advanced technology, and confront extraterrestrial mysteries. Adventures inspired by sci-fi blockbusters.

Please understand there are no refunds if you leave the group.

Get the Most From Your Membership

Join Early

Join early in the season to claim all the benefits.

Group Notices

Pay attention to group notices. New releases, gifts, and activities are all announced in the notices.

Unlimited Section

Visit the MadPea Unlimited area at the main store. 

To claim your free gifts, huds, releases, etc. make sure to wear your group tag.


Visit the FAQ here for more info. 

Season 2 Releases


April Extras


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Coming Soon

Season 2 Games/Experiences

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Season 2 Hunt

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Season 2 Extras

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