MadPea is a fun, happy community where everyone can enjoy our products, games, and experiences. To protect this ethos, we ask everyone to follow a few, simple rules.



We are all here to have fun, so please be positive in all public forums such as chat or locations such as the store or during in-world experiences. If you wish to complain, please file a service ticket and our Customer Service staff will do their best to help you. We welcome feedback that helps us improve our products and services, but repeated complaining, excessive negativity and whining has a negative effect on those around you and will not be tolerated.


The use of demeaning and/or derogatory language or images in reference to another race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is not permitted here. This also pertains to how an avatar chooses to create themselves. Do not make fun of another avatar. Any forms of harassment, sexual or otherwise, are not permitted within the MadPea community. This includes threats of violence, unwanted sexual advances, and even petty name-calling. This includes all forms of griefing: graphic, particle, and otherwise. Be nice.

Please also treat our Crew with respect. They work very hard to support our community and make sure everyone is having a great time. If they request you to stop or offer you advice, please be polite. Cussing, ignoring or being disrespectful will result in your removal from the group.

Please don’t message our Crew directly to ask for help or clues – they are usually busy planning more madness! The best way to get help is by contacting our trained Customer Service staff via our Ticket System.


SL has a pretty strict policy on adult content, which you can read in full here


To summarise for you: Adult content needs to stay on Adult sims. Your slaves have to have their clothes on, and so do you, your nips need to be flipped to silent, and please, adjust your prim penis at home.


We don’t appreciate public disclosure. Don’t out people’s RL, this is not a place to diss your ex or out your bestie, or even expose someone’s alt. People’s personal information is their own, so don’t share it.


Do not post links into group chat. We ask this to prevent phishing and for your own safety. This includes gyazo screenies, youtube videos, Marketplace stores or your blog posts or even MadPea links.

Please sheath/holster your weapons or leave them at home. Most sim lag is caused by people wearing unnecessary scripted attachments and it is selfish to contribute to lag problems. (Unless you are swatting MadPea critters, then you can go wild!)

Begging, advertising, marketing, and spamming about your new club is rude and unwelcome. Asking for Linden dollars is an automatic eject/ban.


And finally, be a decent person and DON’T POST SPOILERS. None. Do not spoil the game for people in group chat. If you want to ask for help, do it with the bare minimum details such as “Need help on room 103” and the responder should talk to them in IMs to avoid spoiling it for the rest of the chat.



Just like above, please be positive. Our Customer Service staff can help with many in-game issues, but whining/moaning in public forums is not constructive and will not be tolerated.


Sometimes the locations that you will be visiting during our games or hunts are participating only in allowing the use of the areas so please make sure you do not break their posted rules. For all locations, no griefing visitors, members, or residents, and respect the sims rating. (e.g. if a moderate sim, cover your nude bits!)

Some of our games and hunts encourage healthy competition, but please be a good sport. Do not harass other players or instigate conflicts, and if you get stuck, a polite request for Pea help in the groups goes a long way!

Also, unless otherwise instructed to do so, do not rez or lay any objects from your inventory on any of the locations you visit in our games or hunts.


MadPea is not responsible if you are or get yourself banned from a store/region and are not able to complete the game. Please check the list of the participating stores or locations before beginning to make sure this is not an issue. If you are banned, you must solve the issue with the sim/store owner.


We love to know how you are getting on, so why not communicate in group chat? We encourage all players to wear their Group Tags, and we absolutely encourage Peas to help each other out!

Please be aware of our NO SPOILERS rule. Even when helping each other in IM, we would ask you to avoid giving out direct answers and SLURLs.

Lastly, please do not contact MadPea Crew for hints or help with games. If you have a technical issue, a query, or any feedback, please contact our Customer Service staff.


Sometimes Second Life has its own issues that we can not control, such as location logouts, reboots, or lagging and crashing. We ask that our Peas have sensible expectations about what we can do to prevent issues, or how we can help if an issue happens.

We conduct several pre-game walkthroughs to make sure our games run smoothly where they should, but we make no complete guarantees that there will be no issues during the game. Should anything happen beyond our control that disrupts or halts the game, we will announce it in group notice at the first possible opportunity, providing further instructions relevant to the issue.


We don’t offer refunds on our games.


Repeated breaking of our rules and guidelines does have consequences.  Read about MadPea’s Warning System HERE.