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Season 2 - The JOurney

This membership is active from April 1st to June 30th, 2023

Benefits include:
3 x Exclusive Group Gifts
9 x New Product Releases PLUS all New Weekend Sale releases
Unlimited Exclusive Experience
Free Game – The Prized Pooch of Penbridge
Grid-Wide Spring Hunt “Malice in Wonderland” with Exclusive Content
25% Discount on Main Store Items Including Hunt Objects*
Exclusive Collectible Souvenir (at the end of the Season)
3 x Monthly Giveaways

Please understand there are no refunds if you leave the group
– there are no exceptions to this

The cost for this season is L$6000

Please follow our MadPea Community Rules at all times
*25% off not valid for gift cards or older game HUDs

It’s easy to join & collect all the amazing releases, plus games during Season 2:  The Journey

Free to Play for Unlimited

April Unlimited Group Gift

May Unlimited Group Gift

June Unlimited Group Gift

Malice in Wonderland Hunt

Discover a dreamlike and twisted Wonderland like no other as you battle to put an end to the Queen’s bloody reign of terror!
MadPea Unlimited receives a FREE Royal Knightmare HUD pack, 28 Prizes, and Unlocks an EXCLUSIVE Quest with Bonus achievements and Prizes!

April REleases

May REleases

June Release