Malice In Wonderland Gridwide Hunt

Let the madness begin and join us for Malice in Wonderland, a dark grid-wide hunt this Spring that will push the limits of your imagination! The Queen of Hearts has enslaved everyone in Wonderland and stolen their memories! It’s up to you to recover the memories and save Wonderland, but watch out for the Queen’s evil minions like the Tea Spies, Mushgoons, and Card Zombies on your journey!
Discover a dreamlike and twisted Wonderland like no other as you battle to put an end to the Queen’s bloody reign of terror!

MadPea’s Malice in Wonderland grid-wide hunt features 20 Wonderland-themed prizes
and fun achievements for everyone to earn!
Unlimited subscribers will also enjoy 4 additional prizes, weekly storyline quests, bonus achievements, and additional content.
Explore Wonderland and hunt at participating locations from April 16 – May 17th.