MadPea’s 2023 Advent Calendar

About the Calendar

Every year MadPea combines forces with 24 designer collaborators in Second Life to bring the best Advent Calendar to the grid!

Starting December 1st, you will be able to unlock a door on our calendar. Behind each door lies a special brand new product from one of 25 Second Life designers that are participating in the calendar. 

The calendar comes as two versions: Wearable HUD and Decor calendar. They both work the same way: Each you can open one door and receive a Gift!


Easy to use calendar!


Teleport to our mainstore and locate the calendar vendor in-front of the main building.


Purchase the calendar or touch the vendor to send it as a gift to a friend.


Starting December 1st click the first door to receive your first holiday present! Come back each day to unlock a new door.

Price and Gifting

Each calendar costs $L500

In order to gift the calendar to a friend or family member, please left-click and TOUCH the vendor. This will open a blue menu in the top-right of your viewer that will allow you to gift the calendar .

Comes with a rezzable decor calendar!

Calendar Gifts!

Check here daily to see each designer gift revealed!

Calendar Teasers


Is the calendar free for Unlimited members?

The calendar is a collaboration with 24 other designers in Second Life and we cannot offer the calendar for free to Unlimiteds.

How much is the calendar?

The cost of the calendar is L$500.

How does the calendar come?

There is a decor calendar as well as a hud calendar in the package.

How many gifts are in the calendar?

You will receive 25 gifts from MadPea and the collaborators in total.

When can I start opening doors?

The first door will open on December 1st. 2nd door December 2nd. And so on! Until all 25 doors are opened.

Can I open doors late?

Even if you purchase the calendar on the last day of December, you will still be able to claim ALL the gifts.

When is the last day to claim my gifts?

Last day to claim all the gifts is January 6, 2024.

Where can I see the gifts?

The gifts are posted on our website (this page) and social media sites daily. We will also announce to our in-world group.