Holly Jolly Cookie Co. Box of Cookies

Make this season unforgettable with our Holly Jolly Christmas Cookie Box—an endless supply of joyous treats to share and savor with family and friends.

Jinglebell Joyride

Introducing the Jinglebell Joyride Sleigh: Your Ticket to Festive Fun!

MadPea’s 2023 Advent Calendar

About the Calendar Every year MadPea combines forces with 24 designer collaborators in Second Life to bring the best Advent Calendar to the grid! Starting December 1st, you will be able to unlock a door on our calendar. Behind each door lies a special brand new product from one of 25 Second Life designers that […]

Bubble Tubes

Escape to a world of sensory bliss with our mesmerizing Bubble Tubes – a symphony of tranquility for your space!

Turbo Turds

Introducing Turbo Turds – The Ultimate Hilarious Bumper Cart Experience!

Royal Rounds Mini Golf

Step back in time and tee off on an epic adventure with ‘Royal Rounds’ – the medieval mini golf experience of your dreams!

Perilous Pendulum

Are you ready to take the ultimate thrill ride? Will you choose to conquer the blade or become its daring victim?

Masquerade of Murder Hunt – How to Play

The story You’ve been mysteriously invited to the estate of Dr. Deadly for his annual masquerade party on Halloween night! You are given a mask and the party begins! However, as you start to mingle among the guests you learn everyone has other intentions. Your party favor is the weapon of your choice. Prizes are […]

Sky Cruiser

Introducing the MadPea Sky Cruiser: Elevate your adventures to new heights!