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June 14 – July 7

A Games Expo Shopping Event

What is PLAYXPO?

Welcome to PlayXpo, MadPea’s ultimate gaming extravaganza, as we celebrate the vibrant tapestry of nerd culture.

PlayXpo features new releases from your favorite stores with a gaming, anime, and tech flair, as well as four hud-based Punch Passes that unlock massive loot vaults through questing!

Level Up your virtual adventure and shopping at PlayXpo!

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Choose Your Adventure

Choose a Punch Pass to get the most out of PlayXpo! Each pass comes with quests that lead to unlocking a massive loot vault with designer prizes inside as well as a cute animesh companion to accompany you on your Xpo journey!

Once you start a pass you can complete it until the event closes on the end of July 7th. Passes can be completed in any order once they are available on their unlock date.

Twenny’s Roll of Destiny
Unlocks June 15

Meowster’s Mission
Unlocks June 17

Devilish Diary Dilemma
Unlocks June 19

Recipe Rescue
Unlocks June 21

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