I’m stuck on part of a game. Can I have a clue?

Of course! Other Peas love to help out. Make sure you join our MadPea (or MadPea Unlimited) group, and just ask for assistance. Be careful to not post spoilers, just ask for help in the game or hunt you are in at the moment. The help you get will be from other players. These helpers […]

What do I do if my HUD doesn’t attach?

Try going to another sim and attaching it there. Also try taking off some of your avatar attachments since there are a limited number of attachment points. If that doesn’t work, please try a relog.

Something appears to be glitching in the game I’m playing!

First, try removing your HUD and then re-adding it. Then try relogging, because many times it is a lag-based issue. If it is still glitching after that, please file a support ticket at http://support.madpeagames.com/. A CSR will be in contact within 24-48 hours.

I am playing a game and wasn’t asked to accept your experiences!

Make sure you are at a location that has the MadPea experience enabled, like the MadPea sim. Add the game HUD there. You can also add the MadPea experience to your home sim or parcel (if you have the ability) by clicking on your sim name at the top of your viewer. An ‘About Land’ […]

Help! I am playing a game or hunt and can’t enter a region!

If you can’t enter a region, you should contact the owner of the region to solve the issue first. Possible reasons for not being able to enter a region are: The region might be offline You are banned You don’t have moderate or adult regions enabled. Please note that MadPea is not responsible if you […]

How do I get started on a new game or hunt?

Getting to grips with a new game can be part of the fun of playing, but we know it can be daunting! Some helpful tips are: For many of our games we publish a “How To Play” blog post, so check our website Once you put on your HUD, there will often be help and […]