Cosmic Conquest Alien Secrets

You are a visitor to the cyberpunk planet of Cyborian V, where a group of cyber-scientists known as the Helix Syndicate needs your help.Hunt and collect alien DNA for them to discover your very own alien companion and unlock its secrets.The syndicate promises rewards beyond your wildest dreams for your service. Earn achievements, and prizes, […]

Ascension – How to Play

Level up, brave escalating challenges, and claim bigger rewards without risking elimination. How far will you advance?.

Escape the Deadly Dungeon

You and your friends thought exploring an old warehouse would be fun, but things take a sinister turn when you wake up trapped in a deadly game of survival. Navigate through treacherous tunnels and solve twisted puzzles as you face off against a deranged killer. Can you outsmart the killer and escape before it’s too […]

Escape the Ghostly Gaol

Do you dare to enter the Ghostly Gaol? Join us on a spine-chilling ghost tour of the old Southern State Penitentiary, where thousands of disturbed criminals once lived and died. Your guide, Roxy, promises a hair-raising experience as you explore the haunted corridors and staircases. Listen closely for the whispers of restless spirits and keep […]

Jewel of the Nile

Shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years, the Lost Kingdom of Ra was thought to be only a myth passed down for generations. Your father dedicated his life to searching for the ancient city. After his death, you discover from his journals, that the “Jewel of the Nile” is the ancient headdress of an Egyptian […]

Lady Lockhart’s Legacy

Notorious businesswoman and multi-billionaire Lady Lenore Lockhart has died. To your amazement, she is your estranged great aunt and has named you as the sole heir to her whole estate. This seems almost too good to be true – could you have been pranked here? A limousine has been sent to collect you and deliver […]