If I Die Before I Wake – How To Play


What if you got trapped in a nightmare?

What happens when your dream opens a portal and casts you into a realm where nightmares are real and you have to face your fears? Can you find the way out to safety?

Don’t worry, you will find out soon enough because all nightmares have to end somehow…


Play The Game

You will need a HUD to play this game.

The HUD costs $L1000

The HUD package includes:
Game HUD
Hours of original immersive adventure gaming
5 amazing prizes


Purchase the HUD, add it and accept the teleport permissions. If you haven’t played a MadPea game recently be sure to accept the experience permissions as well.

How To Play

The last thing you remember is going to sleep in your own comfortable bed… suddenly you’re wide awake and inside a mysterious room filled with oddities and novelties.

You’ve never seen these strange artifacts in your life, and you’re not quite sure if you’re dreaming, hallucinating, or if this is in fact real and you’ve been abducted. All you know is that you don’t like this one bit and want to go back home…

This game is a typical point and click adventure game, where in order to progress you must find items and solve clues.

Make sure to pay attention to what’s happening in your local chat as the clues will appear there.

The game might be scary at some points and your avatar will be restrained at times. If at any point you feel that you want to stop the game, you can remove your HUD and teleport out. Your progress is saved on our database and you can continue through the ‘Artifact Room’.

Tips, Tricks and Warnings!

Please give the HUD and the game surroundings time to load. There is a lot going on! That will help you see things better so you can avoid walking into walls or bumping into other players.

For fullest immersion be sure to enable sounds, setting them at a comfortable level. Ensure you are set to Shared Environments for the best lighting and effects. Removing your AO will give the best results with any animated parts of the game.

The puzzles may be challenging, so take it slow and enjoy! Also, make sure to pay attention to nearby chat for instructions and clues/hints. Keep a paper and pen/pencil close to keep notes, they will come in handy!

Don’t forget you can ask other players for help in Group Chat. Please enquire in general terms so no spoilers are disclosed to other Peas!

Photosensitive seizure warning
A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while playing video games. If you experience any symptoms Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor.

Motion Sickness
The game will control your camera during certain dramatic moments to show a cinematic clip. If this causes dizziness or nausea,be sure to take a short break.


Defeat the nightmares and win 5 amazing prizes from the Artifact Room!



This is an older game that awarded achievement points for a previous system. Whilst the game will continue to award these points, please understand that they are no longer in use.

Play one of our newer games if you would like to collect achievement points that can be spent in 2023 in our new Player Portal!


Game Rules

MadPea is a fun, happy community where everyone can enjoy our games. Please understand that any purchase or play of this game is governed by these rules, to ensure the maximum enjoyment for all players.

Read our rules here.

Customer Support


Do you need a clue? Get stuck? Not sure what to do next?

First ask in Group Chat!
There are usually lots of other players happy to help, but please keep requests vague so not to post spoilers!

Do you need help with your MadPea gaming experience? Got a question?

Check our FAQs! 

Do you have a technical problem or query not covered by our FAQs?

Contact a Customer Service Representative through our support portal. Please ensure you provide your legacy name and as many details about your issue as possible. MadPea Customer Support