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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting the Game

How do I start the game once I have the HUD?

Sometimes due to reasons out of our control, the Experience Key fails. If you have been waiting more than 20 mins to access other game areas outside of Molimo, you will need to reset the HUD. To do so, detach the HUD, then reattach. Once reattached, click the House symbol and give it permission if prompted. You must grant the HUD permissions in order for it to work properly.

If you have played a MadPea game before you might not get the permission window. You should however get local chat that says:
UNIA HUD v0.90: 'UNIA' Experience Key OK! Let's rock...
UNIA HUD v0.90: Navigation online.
UNIA HUD: Welcome back to UNIA.

Now your Experience Key is successfully activated. Please do not teleport out of the Molimo area.

Returning Players

If you have already been playing in the main game area or anywhere else than Molimo you must click on the compass symbol on the HUD to continue from where you left the game.

What are the tokens and how do I redeem them?

If you purchased the Gold or Silver packages, there are tokens in the folder you received, along with the HUD and any clothing that is included in the package.

First wear the HUD, then wear these tokens (one at a time) and then click on them. A lockpick will appear in the inventory. Now you can use this lockpick to open crates that you must find in the game. Once you find and open them you will get your weapons and shields.

Is the game really different for Gold and Silver players?

The only difference is that Gold and Silver players get additional items, some of which will give them a slight advantage in the game. For more info check the Game Passes section.

If I purchase a Bronze level package, can I upgrade later?

Upgrading your package is not available. Please take this into consideration when you make your choice. If you purchased a lower level hud you will be required to pay full price for a higher level one.

Help! I am stuck in the starting area!

Please detach and re-attach your HUD, and be sure to accept the experience key if asked! This is vital, if you do not accept the experience key dialogue the HUD will not be able to function. Once you've accepted the experience key, please be patient. Your HUD will kick in, but it will take a little time.

Playing the Game & Your Progress

How do I increase my health or shield meter?

There are a few ways to increase your health/shield. On rare occasions, monsters will drop health or shield items after being killed. Simply walk over these items to collect them. Shields can also be refilled using the shield tokens from the gold or silver packages. If all else fails your health will be restored to 100% when you die.

What happens if I die? Do I have to start all over again?

In UNIA death does not mean the end of your story. You will not lose any items gained, but you will however lose some points and will be teleported back to main game area.

What happens if I leave UNIA? / How do I leave UNIA?

If you need to leave UNIA, the game will not reset on you. Simply teleport to any other location, then remove your HUD. The game HUD will not work in any other location.

When I return to UNIA do I have to start all over again?

To return to UNIA wear your hud and click on the house button. It may ask for permissions - you must grant the HUD permissions for it to work properly - then you will be teleported. From there you can click on the compass symbol to teleport back into the main game area and continue where you left off.

Gameplay Issues

How long does UNIA run for?

As long as players keep buying HUDs and supporting us! We want to make sure everyone who wants to play gets that opportunity, so we will keep the sims open as long as there is demand for the game.

Can I play as a group with my friends?

While it is fun to play and explore UNIA with your friends and family there are several areas that are for single players only. You can share your experience with others, but please keep it in IMs to avoid spoiling the game for those around you.

What do I do if I need help?

If you are stuck in the game please join the in world MadPeas group where you will find lots of helpful players. Please keep questions vague to avoid spoilers. Best bet is to say something like: ''Help, I'm stuck. Please IM me '' or something similar. If a helper is available they will IM you, where you can explain in further detail.

When I finish UNIA can I still continue to play and earn points?

UNIA is not over when you complete the story. You may go back at any time and replay your favorite areas, as well as continue hunting monsters to earn more points.

Prologue How To Play Game Passes FAQ Leaderboard
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