We’re proud and excited to introduce our Mad Easter Egg Hunt 2018. The two week eggstravaganza contains hidden eggs, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! Everyone can join this hunt either as a hunter or egg hider or why not both?
How to Hunt
The fun begins March 22nd when the the gates to our Mad Easter Egg Farm open! Grab your HUD and start searching for hidden eggs from all over the grid! The Eggs you find are worth points which can be exchanged for awesome prizes. The more Eggs you find, the more prizes you'll get. Some Eggs can even give super secret instant prizes! This year you can also surprise your friends by gifting them amazing presents from the hunt!
Location Owners
We're inviting all store and location owners to become part of this amazing event. Anyone can get involved and lure hunters to their location by hiding Eggs! The Eggs are for sale during the whole hunt and are easy to set up. You can get them from our Mainstore or Marketplace.
Team MadPea